The Power of Procrastination When Wanting to Shine Your Light

Sometimes all I can do is sit and laugh at myself while shaking my head.  And I say to myself: “Seriously, you are doing it again!”

I keep shaking my head, smile a bit and send a big mental hug and some love to myself.

P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N…. a beautiful trick and manipulation our mind and inner critic are playing on us on a constant basis. And if we are unaware of it, they keep doing it over and over again.

Instead of taking the moment our boss is free and asking to have a serious talk about that promotion that we really want, we ask our colleague to join us for a coffee break. Instead of making that important phone call to receive those funds, we clean the house instead.

And instead of writing my first blog, I keep thinking that I should do some more research, review my Facebook settings or do another keyword analysis research…

Our mind has this program running that on one side constantly evaluates if what we do is safe and right for us to do and on the other side keeps feeding us doubts and criticism.

Especially if we want to start new things that voice can become very strong and we procrastinate again.

Doing something new will put us out of our comfort zone. We might envision how things will go, however, there are a lot of factors we cannot fully calculate. The mind does not know for sure what will come up next and what emotions, feelings, experiences it will have to deal with. It cannot foresee the future and therefore not control it.

Because of that it let’s this deeply programmed tape run in our mind that asks us all those questions whether/ why/what/how OR lists all the other things that we need to do before and that apparently are so much more important. Eventually we put off doing that new thing we wanted to do until a later time. And most probably the same scenario will happen again.

I feel it is important to become aware of this pattern in order to shift it. Be the observer of your thoughts not only on a daily basis but also when it has to do with following a new path. Starting something new. Daring something totally different.

There might be doubt. There might be fear. Especially when you want to start something that will put you out there into the spotlight. For people to see and/or hear you.

Be kind and gentle with yourself and say to yourself that this is alright. Thank your mind for wanting to keep you safe and looking after you. However, you are in control and have decided to really go for it and do this.

Go take the first steps. It is alright if in the beginning it’s more of an trial-and-error. You can always refine, amend and improve what you are doing. And even 20 years down the line there will be errors happening. It’s all fine and we are continuously learning.

Please give yourself this gift to follow your heart and shine your light as you are a gift to the world. There is only one you. And only you can do the things the way you do them.

Thank you.

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