“What we change inwardly will change outer reality.” - Plutarch

I absolutely loved the “Unleash Your Femininity ” workshop

Agnieszka – Client

What a lovely person she is. She creates a space for beautiful women and safe environment for them to open up and explore. I definitely recommend Anne and her workshops to every woman, who wants to connect more to her body. These kind of workshops are also a great way to meet and connect to new people, get advice from one another or share your story.

I felt so calm, so connected, seen and held

Lisa Weiblichkeits – Coach

I had a wonderful 1:1 session with Anne. She opened a space of true unconditional love for me where I was allowed to express anything that I needed to. I felt very safe and seen. The moving meditation helped me to connect to myself and I loved the dancing part that was lovingly guided by Anne. A 2 hour session and afterwards I felt so calm, so connected and so seen and held. I’m really grateful and can only recommend checking out her offers, booking a 1:1 with her or joining one of her workshops/circles.

Anne Christin truly knows how to share her light

Amanda – Entrepreneur

Anne Christin truly knows how to share her light with others, particularly to her Sisterhood. I would highly recommend you join one of her classes to dive deep into the Sacred Feminine and magic she creates!!

Ann’s work is life changing!! That’s at least the way I feel about it!!

Alexandra Weiblichkeits – Coach

The way she creates a truly magical space and her capacity to hold you in it full of trust, warmth and love is truly amazing.

Ann’s work gives you the opportunity to really dive deep into your feminine, into your essence – the seat of your soul.
It’s a space for healing, for unwinding and spreading your wings.
Ann, you beautiful soul, I love your softness, your body language and your magical energy.
Thank you for all the beautiful work you do for the feminine

If any one is looking for a Reiki session I can highly recommend Anne, a most beautiful experience

Emm – Self Employed
I really wanted to write and let you know how wonderful your Reiki treatment was. From the moment I stepped inside until I left, 90 minutes later, you surrounded my soul with love and compassion. I was able to totally surrender to your energy. I felt a lot of emotions and was very aware or you energy surrounding me. As I said to you I really felt for quite some time that I was actually floating above the bed!! I loved the way you spoke to me after the session, explaining what you felt and matching that to what I experienced, It completed the session so perfectly.

I highly recommend Anne Christine to anyone

Teal Elisabeth, Founder of Relax Into Love LLC

It has been so amazing getting to connect with Anne and The Beauty of Now. I found Anne when I was in desperate need of another souls awakening, and through working with her I was able to completely connect back to myself, my body and my truest spirit. She made me feel safe and supported and reminded me of the magic of life again, which I had lost touch with. I’m so grateful to Anne, and so excited to be consciously creating new opportunities for both our futures!

I can only recommend to start the coaching with Anne!

Luca – Entrepreneur
Incredible person and knows for sure what she is speaking about. I went to several different coaches before but never saw a method like hers before, you have to experience it!

I definitely recommend trying one of her classes and let all your inner inhibitions let loose

Kerrie – Health & Wellness Coach

I attended one of Anne’s women goddess dance experience and while I was in Bali for 6 weeks it was one of the standout experiences for me. Why? Because I was able to step out of my usual life experience and express myself and my body in such a way that was both in a safe environment and allowed me to simply have a unique experience. When people are authentic and vulnerable it allows you to let it all out. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

Anne helped me to clarify my goals and how I see myself and my business environment in the future

Florian – Founder of Flo Coaching
I took a couple of mindset sessions with Anne. Anne helped me to clarify my goals and how I see myself and my business environment in the future. Once we set the goal, we draw a clear plan how to get there and where to focus on. Important is a clear mind and a positive attitude towards your work and goals. She gave me a lot of practical mindset tools to keep and improve my mindset. I can highly recommend Anne as a mindset coach, she helped a lot and I still take a mindset session from time to time.

Simply a must!

Mise – Ayur Guide at Prasad Massage & Nutrition

Women have become hard, due to life circumstances, over the years. Anne leads us to discover if this is our true essence, holds space that we may explore, provides guidance and encouragement so that we may play. We need more of her work and we must share her with all our girlfriends. We must return to feminine and Anne can show us how with her beautiful wisdom and nature.

The one on one empowerment coaching with Anne was amazing!

Nadja – Art by Nadja

She helped me to identify my main goal and to got a clear view how it affects many areas of my life. Anne is kind, very intuitive and compassionate; I would highly recommend her coaching. Especially if you feel a little lost and need some help to find focus & more clarity in life!

I love her work deeply

Claudia – Entrepreneur
Anne came into my life at a challenging time, attending her Embodied Feminine Flow classes was the best decision I took in the last year. The flow classes will take you to a journey of self-discovery and even if you have been on the path for years you will find yourself dive deeper into your soul in ways that will surprise you. She creates a safe space for women to connect and play while guiding them with kindness, intuition and wisdom onto a new layer of themselves. Her coaching skills on 1:1 are the perfect completion of a transformational process. With simplicity yet straight to the point she helps you to focus on what really matters to you. While guiding you through breath and meditation she encourages you to connect to your inner voice and listen deeply within embarking on a journey a little closer to your real self.
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