Your Menstrual Cycle - Your Friend

Let’s change how you view and experience your menstrual cycle in the long-term.

Experiencing PMS and heavy cramps is not the norm unlike the media and society makes you believe. 

Whenever you notice one of the above your body is actually telling you that something is off.

That something is out of alignment in your life.

And she invites you to look at it, become aware of it and adjust it. 

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Your 3-Month Program

You deserve to live a wonderful, radiant and magnetic life with joy, ease and flow and the first step to get there is to reconnect with your body. 

Or more specific with your menstrual cycle – your moon cycle. 

Therefore this 3-month program has been created in order to guide and support you towards a life with a painfree cycle, fulfilling relationship with yourself & your loved ones and ease, flow & abundance in your day to day.

What you get: 

  • Understanding of your moon cycle
  • Knowledge of what influences your menstrual cycle and how to support it
  • Tools to further strengthen and deepen your relationship with your body and cycle post-program
  • Personalized assessment of where you are at
  • Meditations and Visualization exercises
  • 12 weekly, interactive sessions of 60min with me in private – online or in person
  • Whatsapp support in between sessions
  • Access to a beautiful community of powerful & magical women

What you invest: 

The entire program is worth 6.000EUR.

However, to make it accessible to as many women as possible you only pay 1200EUR and still receive the full value of it. 

For any additional questions you can always get in touch with me and I will gladly clarify any doubts. 

Ready to live a magical, vibrant, inspiring and uplifting life with a healthy menstrual cycle?

Then sign up now, wonderful woman.

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