Unleash Your Radiance VIP Embodiment Coaching - The Beauty of Now

In order to truly Live a Turned On Life, working on your mindset and resetting it as well as being more mindful AND embodying the learnt is a crucial part of the journey.

What you envision, what you believe and what you speak out loud actively influences your actions and your reality. And which ever way you embody this vision, belief & said it’ll multiply and energize the same. 

When you become aware which automated responses, patterns and actions are running your daily life, you can shift and break out of them and rewrite new ones. 

It is important to be aware of this and then take focused actions and actually embody the newly envisioned. 

Mindset alone only brings you a certain way.

After all the body, mind and soul – all three of them – need to be worked on and aligned in order to live an empowered, embodied &  mindful life. 

If you like to invite back the lightness into your life, feel more comfortable and whole with yourself. Smile and laugh more again. See the magic around you. Improve the relationship with yourself and people around you. If you wish to dare that jump and go for your dreams, then I am here to support you with my “Unleash Your Radiance” VIP Embodiment program.

It is a beautifully created program that guides you back to your body and unleashes your radiance.

During 6 months of working 1:1 with me – in person or online – you connect back with your inner wisdom, drop from the head into your heart & womb space, shift back into the present moment, activate all your senses and will start living a turned on life.

A mix of sharing, reflection, movement, dance and breath-work allows you to cut through the illusions, come back home and experience a long-lasting shift.

Plus you get tools on the hand that you can use alone after the program to continue glowing.

You are here to live a happy and fulfilled life. You deserve to smile, laugh and live your dreams. So please, dare and jump. 

If you feel called then get in touch with me today. 

Come & Live Your Desired Life Now

VIP Embodiment Coaching – in person or online

Location: To be confirmed or in the comfort of your own home. 

Time: upon request. Duration of each 1-on-1 Session is 90min (weekly sessions online or in person and online support during the time.)

Energy Exchange: Upon Request – Application Necessary


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