Embodied Feminine Flow


Embodied Feminine Flow – designed by Silfath Pinto – is a dance and movement practice which combines various techniques.

A mix of yin yoga, meditation, mindfulness, sharing, creative play, intuitive dance and power of thoughts & words support you to reconnect with your body, mind and soul.

This allows you to remember your true self and access your inner womb wisdom. You then can heal and shift your patterns and belief system and therefore create a new paradigm and the life you have envisioned for yourself.

Through movement and authentic sharing as well as connecting with other women & sisters we heal others and are being healed while being in a safe and sacred space.


Embodied Feminine Flow Classes usually happen in a group setting.

Women of all different ages, ethnics and lifestyles come together. They share their thoughts, fears, hopes, experiences and revelations about a selected topic. They come to heal and to be healed. To support and be supported. To be seen, to be heard, to be celebrated. 

They come to move. To dance. To breathe. To reconnect and listen to their body. To play. To laugh. To build new friendships.

Latest at the end of the class, the women see that they are not alone and that they are supported. 

Women supporting women is powerful. It is magical. It is what we need. It has been very natural and common for women way back in time. 

Let us remember. Let us come together again. Let us lift each other, celebrate each other. Because together we are strong. Together we rise. Together we create magic.

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Embodied Feminine Flow

Location: Portals de Yoga, Carretera de Andratx nº 43 Local 12, Planta Jardín – Parking, 07181 Portals Nous, Mallorca

Time: Tuesday 19:00 – 21:00

Energy Exchange: 20 Eur Single Class or 65 Eur Monthly Package (book here your monthly package). 

Private classes in the safe space of your home are available as well at 75Eur. (Book here your private session)

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Let your body speak - poem - embodied feminine flow - the beauty of now

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