Four different modalities are being offered that can be booked alone or in combination.

Each of them is powerful individually and supports you tremendously on its own. When you combine Embodied Feminine Flow, Intuitive Reiki Healing and/or Embodiment Coaching though, you will experience a first shift much faster.

An additional element that is included in all of the services is Mother Nature. Our Earth has so much to show us from which we can learn and grow. She also provides a lot of nurturing and healing, plus nature is constantly surrounding us. Whether we can see or are aware of it or not. 

Connecting again with Mother Earth is another powerful stepping stone to truly become the conscious creator of your life and Living a Turned On Life. 

Through movement, dance, breathing, creative play and sharing in sacred sisterhood connect back to your feminine energy, remember your true essence and shift repetitive patterns and core beliefs that do not serve you anymore.

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Rebalance your chakras, calm your mind and let go of anything that does not serve you anymore through intuitive Reiki Energy Healing following the Mikao Usui tradition.

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Live in balance and pain free with your moon cycle.

Learn how to connect back with your cycle, see its gifts and strengths and notice how your relationships are upleveld to more meaningful and fulfilling ones and how ease, flow & abundance enter your day to day life. 

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A beautifully created 6 week program that guides you back to your body and unleashes your radiance.

You connect back with your inner wisdom, drop from the head into your heart & womb space, shift back into the present moment, activate all your senses and start living a turned on life.

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