“Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is well-being, Well-being is freedom from disease.” - Dr. Mikao Usui

Intuitive Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of Energy Healing which supports your body to rebalance on an emotional, mental and physical level. Following the Dr. Mikao Usui tradition which was developed in the early 1920’s, we work with the various energy fields of the body and allow for any stagnant energy to flow again. Reiki comes from the Japanese words “Rei” (Universal) and “Ki” (Life Force or Energy) and refers to the us all surrounding ever present energy.

During a Reiki Session, we will use our hands and either hover over or place them intuitively on various areas of your body and channel the Universal Life Force through our hands into your body.

A session typically lasts 75 minutes and helps you to relax, release tension, let go of physical or emotional pain, ease chronic pain, re-balance your chakras, activates and speeds up the body’s natural healing processes, Reduces depression & anxiety and assists with insomnia.

Whichever it is you wish to work on, we are here to support you in either one or a series of sessions.

Thoughts on hands and energy.

Hands have something soothing and powerful.

When we have a back ache, we use our hands to massage the spot and relieve the tension a bit. When we hurt our toe we reach with our hands to rub it and ease the pain away. When someone is sharing their hurt with us we reach out to them and hold their hand.

Hands are soothing. Hands are powerful.
Looking into nature, we see that we are surrounded by energy. It’s constantly there. A constant buzz. Sometimes stronger, sometimes softer.

Everything we look at has a certain energy, which can be measured and tracked.

In Reiki, we make use of these two powerful tools: Energy and Hands.

If you feel called, come and experience it for yourself.

Intuitive Reiki Healing - in person

Location: Plaza España 2, Entresuelo 1a @ Psychology Practice & Wellbeing Center.

Sessions are also available in the comfort of your own home upon request. Massage table provided by me.

Time: Various slots available during the week.

Duration: 75min, including pre- & post integration talk

Investment: 75 Eur.

For appointments outside of Palma town a surcharge is applicable. 15 EUR for up to 20km away from Palma and 25 EUR for any location further away.

Intuitive Reiki Healing - Distant Healing

Location: Your home.

We connect via video-call to establish a connection on an energetic and physical level.

Time: Various appointment slots available during the week.

Duration: 45min, including pre- & post integration talk

Investment: 40 Eur

Or contact me for special time requests:

Gift a little well-being to your loved ones. What a wonderful present

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