Embody Your Feminine Energy Through Dance

If you ask yourself how to best reconnect with and embody your feminine energy go and implement dance into your life. 

For thousands of years, across all cultures on each continent dance and music have played a vital role in daily community life. 

Whether it was to pray for rain, a fertility dance while sowing the fields, a warrior dance to intimidate the opponent or to celebrate an important event within the community: Music and dance were always present.

We need to remember that e-motions are energy in motion. And through movement we can more easily process and release them. Doing this complemented with dance and soul touching music this practice is even more beautiful & powerful.

While living in Bali, I met the incredible Teal Elisabeth, founder of Relax Into Love LLC, during one of my Embodied Feminine Flow Classes. 

In the video below, we talk about how to embody your feminine energy through dance and all the advantages and beautiful unfoldings coming with it.   

I hope you enjoy the video and would love to hear your realizations and what you take away from it in the comments below. 

Love & Light,


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