Welcome to The Beauty of Now

Imagine you could feel light and in flow on a daily basis. With a clear and calm mind. Being present in the now and live your best life possible.

With intent, a positive mindset, connected to your body and inner wisdom, taking concrete & inspired actions every day.

So many of us start to ask themselves if there is more to life than what the media and schooling system is constantly telling us and I like to assure you that “YES, there is!” 


Some prefer to take on a radical life change. Quitting their daily 9 – 5 job. Selling all they have and start traveling the world as a digital nomad. Or being on a sabbatical until they found out what they really want to do in the future. And this is totally great. 

However, some prefer or maybe are not able to take on such radical changes as their immediate family is dependent on them – e.g. children and spouse. And that is totally fine as well.

And others again, already live an amazing life – creating it on a daily basis – and like to further polish their mindset, connection to their body and enjoy some “maintenance” healing. 

Being the Conscious Creator of Your Life allows YOU to decide HOW and WHAT you want to change, improve and maintain in your life.

You know best what is good and right for you and I am here to assist and empower you.

Through movement, dance, breathing, creative play and sharing in sacred sisterhood connect back to your feminine energy, remember your true essence and shift repetitive patterns and core beliefs that do not serve you anymore.

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Rebalance your chakras, calm your mind and let go of anything that does not serve you anymore through intuitive Reiki Energy Healing following the Mikao Usui tradition.

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Live in balance and pain free with your moon cycle.

Learn how to connect back with your menstrual cycle, see its gifts and strengths and notice how your relationships are upleveld to more meaningful and fulfilling ones and how ease, flow & abundance enter your day to day life. 

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A variety of Embodiment Coaching packages to connect to your Divine Feminine are available.

We identify the block, we shake things up, we dive deep and you emerge changed. 

Leading from your heart, deep body connection & being connected to your Divine Feminine are guaranteed.

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Let’s Collaborate!

Additionally to my above offerings, I also strongly believe in collaboration.

Together we are stronger. Together we create magic. Together we rise.

Therefore, if you like to book me for your event, please do reach out to me. It will be my pleasure to join forces with like-minded men and women.

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