You don’t have to save me, you just have to hold my hand while I save myself

Embodiment Coaching

Discover a transformative journey that merges the realms of body and mind, offering you a comprehensive path to self-awareness, healing, and empowerment. Step into a space where deep-seated patterns are acknowledged and transformed.

In order to truly understand and shift the unhealthy patterns and beliefs in your life, you need to understand them on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Only when you are connected with your body and have re-established the body-mind connection will you experience lasting results in your life. The mind is powerful, envisioning the future – good or bad – and understanding logically why you act and react to certain things. However, it also erases and suppresses experiences that were too emotionally intensive for you. It’s an act of self-preservation and protection.

The body, on the other hand, remembers everything. Every emotional experience you have had is memorized on a cellular level regardless of whether you consciously or unconsciously suppressed the emotions. This means that to bring these forces – the mind and the body – together again, it’s crucial to work on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Embodiment Coaching does exactly that. Each program combines mindfulness with movement, Holosomatic BODY Therapy®, sound, art therapy, and coaching elements. This comprehensive approach helps you reconnect with your body, re-establish the body-mind connection, and understand & adjust your unhealthy beliefs, patterns, and automated responses.

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You learn how to handle and embrace your emotions, thereby improving your emotional health and feeling safe in your body again. The key factors of each program aim to equip you with active tools that empower you. These tools can be used in your day-to-day life even after the program concludes, allowing you to live in an embodied manner. The 1:1 sessions are held in person at our partner yoga studio in Portals Nous or online via Zoom. If preferred, in-person sessions can also be conducted at your home, though a travel surcharge might apply.

Two Paths to Wellness: Explore Emotional Healing & Embrace Your Cycle

Your Emotions - Connect. Heal. Thrive.

Connect with and embrace your emotions by getting out of the head and into your body & heart-space through movement, Holosomatic BODY Therapy® & art therapy in combination with mindfulness.
Understand your blocks: core beliefs, repetitive cycles, automated responses & lastingly shift them to truly thrive in life.

A 6 week program (90min each session)

Investment: 900,00 Eur

Your Menstrual Cycle - Your Friend

Experiencing PMS & cramps is not normal.

Your body is actually telling you something in your life is out of alignment – emotionally, physically and/or mentally.
Learn how to come back into balance & live in-sync with your cycle – pain-free.

A 12 week program (60min each session)

Investment: 1350,00 Eur

Gift a little well-being to your loved ones. What a wonderful present

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