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Embodied Flow Movement

Embodied Flow Movement is a beautiful, gentle and nurturing group class which allows you to start your journey of re-connecting your mind and body or which serves you as your weekly self-care practice.

The group meets outdoors by the sea – just above the Tabgha Chiringuito in Portals Nous – to start the day by consciously moving the body and going on a little inward journey.

When: Wednesdays from 10:00 – 11:00
Investment: 12 Eur

After a short warm-up to get the energies flowing and shake off anything that doesn’t serve you, you will connect to the topic of the week and dive inwards to connect with your inner wisdom and find the answers within.

You will be guided through various free flowing moving exercises which explore the topic from different angles all while being accompanied by music.

These exercises connect you with your inner wisdom and allow you to understand how your body communicates with you on a daily basis. Additionally you will understand what beliefs and patterns are running your life, which gives you the chance to see how to change and shift these.

The true power of these group sessions lie within the sharing part after each exercise which allows you to realize that you are not alone and supported and that others have gone through or are going through the same experiences and emotions as you.

The Embodied Flow Movement sessions teach you how to stay connected to your body on a daily basis, hear and feel its cues, and from here rewrite your unhealthy beliefs and patterns in order to create a life you truly desire – with ease, flow, love & harmony.

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Are you ready to re-connect your mind and body?

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