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Inspiration with Manda J: Turn On Your Life – An Interview

The wonderful Manda J interviewed me for her radio show on “Yachting International Radio” to hear and learn more about how to live a turned on life and what it means. How can yachties implement this in their day to day while performing their duties during the season and what does it mean to balance […]

6 Tips On How To Stay Calm In Difficult Times

No matter if it’s the current happenings in the world or something “smaller” mainly affecting your immediate personal life: we all go through difficult times that can really shake us up. How often have we allowed for our feelings to rush over us and take control of our emotional state and the way we think […]

7 Simple and Effective Night Routine Ideas for a Restful Sleep

You already know that having a powerful daily morning routine sets the pace for a productive and great day. What about the evening and night though? Are you giving your all, doing things here and there, staying connected with the virtual world until you drop into bed? Or are you slowing down, taking time to digest the happenings of the day and prepare yourself for a good night of restful sleep? The same as it is super important to set yourself up well for an amazing day, it is also important to end the day in a powerful and nourishing way so that you get a good night’s sleep.

5 Powerful Morning Routine Ideas for a Productive Day

If you wish for your day to go smoother. Be more productive. More focused and more balanced in general you want to consider starting your day with a powerful morning routine that sets you up well.

You already know how important it is to set time aside for yourself to recharge and nurture your body, mind and soul. Why not doing it first thing in the morning? Why not filling your cup at the start of the day so that you can give and be of service from the beginning?

When Self-Help Tools Become Destructive

Self-help tools are a great support to anyone walking the path of self-improvement and inner work.

And while there are many and you will learn plenty different kinds, they can become destructive and be of disservice to you.

Used mindfully though, they will be one of your biggest support team on this beautiful journey of becoming (again) the best version of you.

7 Simple Ways to Effectively Declutter and Make Space for New Beautiful Life Experiences

Do you wish for new life experiences to happen to you? Are you hoping for a new job opportunity? Are you longing for new enriching connections and friendships? Or maybe even wishing to meet your special someone?
Often in order for us to receive and welcome new things into our life, we need to make space. On a mental, emotional and physical level.

Embody Your Feminine Energy Through Dance

If you ask yourself how to best reconnect with and embody your feminine energy go and implement dance into your life.

The Power of Procrastination When Wanting to Shine Your Light

Procrastination – How the mind and inner voice use tricks to make us procrastinate things when we want to step into our light and shine it brightly.

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