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Anne-Christin - Amazonian - Warrior - The Beauty of Now
Photo Credit: Poyan Shifter Photography

A few years ago, a series of things happened in my private and work life that made me start questioning life.

My life.

My choices. 

I looked back at my life and saw all the amazing places I had already been thanks to my work in the hotel industry, the amazing people I had met, all the beautiful opportunities that were available for me and still…. Somehow I kept repeating certain patterns and I found myself over and over again in very similar situations.

To be even clearer: I was heartbroken again plus my sales job didn’t feel right anymore. It felt fake.

So I sat down and said  to myself that something seriously needs to change. I can’t let life happen to me anymore, let me make life happen instead. 

From this point on my self-discover journey started. One of the first courses I participated in was the “Happiness Program” from  “The Art of Living” which was founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

This helped me for a little while, however, I noticed I needed to go deeper. There was something that needed to be uncovered and shifted and understood by me, which couldn’t be done by only resetting my mind and breathing techniques.

So I looked further. 

I started to read many articles, looked closer at different feeds on my social media that caught my attention and eventually came across a Sacred Women’s Gathering which was led by my now friend and soul sister Silfath Pinto. 

This was the start of an accelerated journey back to my Self; going deep, going high, like a roller coaster.

Looking at my past, my wounds, my programming, my beliefs and patterns. Looking at my shadow and understanding what it is telling me. How I can embrace it. Further understanding the mind and the ego and the power it has over us if we are not living in the Now. Lots of moving and dancing and letting the body speak.

And eventually finding back to myself.

Many workshops, retreats, 1-on-1 sessions, books, articles and conversations with new found soul sisters later, I decided to leave the corporate world and take some time out. I wanted to clear my head, become aware of what is my passion, what brings me joy and really fills me up and then start working again. In my passion business.

This sabbatical time brought me to Bali, Indonesia, which was further life enriching. I kept learning, becoming aware of my passions, got certified in various modules and eventually started my very own business.

And the journey doesn’t stop here, it has just started. It is a very exciting and also fulfilling one. All the growth, all the magic that I have already experienced and that I see coming more and more. It is so worth it.  

Looking back, I am grateful that I took this step. Yes, I am very blessed that I had the chance to even take an extended time off without working. I believe, though, that even while continuing in your “normal” life, you can make changes and shift your life to a more enriching and fulfilling one. 

A life as per your heart’s desire. 

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