Listen to the whispers within:
This is where you will find the answers

My Story

My path of self-discovery and self-realization began in 2014, when my dream of a romantic relationship evaporated…again… and this time right before Christmas. I didn’t understand what was going on and why I found myself in the same situation over and over again. What was I doing wrong? Additionally, I wasn’t enjoying my sales job in the luxury hotel industry anymore and I had been trying to find a way out numerous times, as something inside of me kept nudging me, without success though.
So I took some time off right after New Year’s, flew to Oman to go diving, have some alone time and reflect. After many tears and scribbling down thoughts and realizations on the few pieces of paper I found in my hotel room, the conclusion I came to at that point was: that the only common denominator in this all was ME. No matter if I was in a different environment or surrounded by different people, I was the only constant factor. This led me on an inner journey following different modalities and philosophies to understand what repetitive patterns, core beliefs, and repressed emotions were influencing my life on an unconscious level.

At first, I joined “The Happiness Program” by Art of Living which provided me great insight into the human mind and taught me wonderful breathing tools, however, it wasn’t going deep enough for me.
Shortly after the program, I engaged again with an emotionally unavailable man – needless to say that I was heart-broken again and quite frustrated with myself. I should know better now. And on top of that, work felt more and more fake and unbearable and when a friend tried to encourage me to envision my future as Director of Sales & Marketing, I snapped at her saying: “Maybe I don’t want to be a Director of Sales & Marketing!” I froze. I was in shock.

Where did this come from? I didn’t even have time to think of what I wanted to reply to her and that sentence just shot out of me from somewhere deep inside. My heart. My soul. So I started to look again for other modalities that would take me deeper – deeper into my body. And this is when I found embodiment work: a combination of mindset, inner child & shadow work which also involved the body through dance and intuitive movement. I suddenly understood why I kept going for the same type of men not only on a mental level, but also on a bodily and emotional level.
I understood the beliefs, stories, patterns and automated responses at play and now, I was able to shift them lastingly. And it didn’t stop here: I was able to apply the same for my professional life, where I felt deeply that the hotel industry wasn’t for me anymore and I needed a change. This took me on a journey through Asia, mainly Bali, where I deepened my knowledge in various philosophies and energy healing (Reiki) and strengthened my body-mind connection to further follow the insights my gut / intuition / inner wisdom was giving me with more confidence and trust. It has been quite a journey – and hasn’t stopped yet – but with each day, each decision made, and each impulse followed, I notice improvements in all areas of my life.

And my beliefs and patterns have changed immensely, allowing me to enjoy and cherish life on a deeper level. I now live in Mallorca offering 1:1 and group sessions to my clients here, as well as working in retreats and festivals and fully enjoy the work I am doing. My motivation to start with this work was and still is to assist people on their self-growth & self-healing journey and spare them one or another detour. Plus I have experienced first hand that only working on a body, mind & soul level will allow for lasting changes and wish to spread this knowledge as far as possible as I believe we all deserve to live a joyous and fulfilled life as per our heart’s desire.

My Mission and vision

I want to improve people’s well-being as well as their emotional and mental health by re-establishing the body-mind connection through movement, somatic bodywork and mindfulness.

I envision cultivating a world of well-being and emotional resilience where people lead balanced and harmonious lives, flourishing in their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and societal realms.

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