7 Simple and Effective Night Routine Ideas for a Restful Sleep

You already know that having a powerful daily morning routine sets the pace for a productive and great day.

What about the evening and night though?

Are you giving your all, doing things here and there, staying connected with the virtual world until you drop into bed?

Or are you slowing​ down, taking time to digest the happenings of the day and prepare yourself for a good night of restful sleep?

Like it is super important to set yourself up well for an amazing day, it is also important to end the day in a powerful and nourishing way so that you get a good night’s sleep.

If you watch TV, check your social media, and stay busy until you go to bed, your body won’t get the rest it needs during the night. Your mind keeps firing all night long. It relives the situations of the day and thinks about that problem you need to find a solution for.

Your body is still activated and has absorbed so much information and energy that it needs to find a way to let go of it.

You might feel super tired, true, but you will notice that at night you keep turning and tossing around. Your dreams will be about work or that quarrel with your friend and the next morning you feel exhausted and tired despite your sleep.

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep then start slowing down before going to bed.

Disconnect from the outer world about 1 hour before heading to bed, tune inwards, process the happenings of the day and set your body, mind and spirit up for a good night’s sleep.

Below are 7 simple and effective night routine ideas for a restful sleep:

Turn Off Your Mobile Phone 1 Hour Before Going to Bed

Yes, this might be a tough one. In today’s world we want to know until the very last moment, what’s happening out there and if someone liked or commented on our post. And it’s the first thing we do in the morning: check our messages and if there are new likes or comments on our social media channels.

However, it seems it’s controlling us more than we control it. Plus if you keep the phone on, with part of your mind you will stay connected to the outer world. The purpose of the night routine is the opposite: to go inwards – your inner world.

Journal About Your Day

Get an empty notebook and a pen and write down how you feel in that moment.

How the day went. What you accomplished. What obstacles you might have encountered and how it made you feel.

Don’t think too hard.

Just write down whatever comes to your mind.

Allow for this process to be as little forced thinking as possible.

If it’s single words that come out. Great, write them down. 

If it’s loads of metaphors that come out. Great, write them down.

If you can’t find a word for how you feel, just make one up.

You have all the creativity you want. There is no one correct way, when it comes to journaling.

This is less about how to write the most poetical way possible. Or rewriting each moment of the day in detail.


This is about putting whatever is on your mind onto paper.

A way to let those thoughts out that keep circling in your mind. And when you allow for your pen to glide over the paper without thinking too much about how and what you want to write, you will give it a chance to write down what is really going on inside of you.

And once this is on paper and you can take a step back and look at it with some distance, you might realize that the issue is not as big or that there is another underlying reason for why you feel the way you do in that moment.

And yes, journaling is also about writing down all the great things that happened and the beautiful, warm feelings and moments of magic you experienced that day.

You can make this as long or as short as you want.

A full page, half a page, 10 pages or one sentence.

It will change from day to day.

Just close your eyes, listen, and write what comes to your mind.

Without censoring, judging or withholding anything.

Like I said before, you absorb so much information during the day and this is a great way to “litter out” your mind.

Write a Gratitude List of 10 Things You Are Grateful For

A gratitude list is a great way to become aware of how blessed and wealthy you are already.

Plus instead of looking outside what is missing, you turn inwards and see what and how much you already have.

Take a moment to close your eyes and have a few deep breaths. Then start writing down 10 things you are grateful for:

  • Your super comfy bed you are about to jump into.
  • The important meeting in the morning that went very smooth.
  • Your sister who agreed to babysit the children this weekend.
  • The man who held open the elevator door for you, so you could jump in last minute.
  • Your healthy body that carries you through the day every day.
  • The fact that you can read and write.
  • Etc.

You can go as generic or day specific as you want.

Plus it doesn’t have to be materialistic things.

You can even thank your breath for nourishing your body with oxygen every time you breathe in or the sun for shining during your lunch break when you sat outside in the park.

Again there is many ways of writing this list.

What is important is, it helps you to shift your focus from complaining, being stressed and feeling a sense of lack to a state of contentment, gratitude and abundance.

And once you shift your focus on what you have and are grateful for you notice how many more things come to mind and into your life.

Additionally, moving into this state of gratitude allows for the body and mind to relax and therefore you will sleep better.

This list can also easily be combined with your journaling.

Do Some Stretching or Yin Yoga

Gently stretching your muscles or doing yin yoga is another great way to slow down, turn inwards and calm and nurture your body, mind and soul.

These exercises are done super slowly, holding the various poses and really connecting and listening to your body.

Listening to find that edge how far you can lean into the pose without overdoing it.

The aim is to keep the muscles as passive as possible.

And then breathe.

Focus on the breath.

Listen to the body.

Scan all parts of your body to identify where you have tension.

Where you are stiff.

Send the breath to those areas and notice how your body starts to relax more and more and how it goes a bit deeper into the pose.

While being still you can easily observe your mind, if it becomes still with the body or if thoughts come up and if it starts firing.

The goal here is to keep focusing on the breath, to observe your thoughts and to let them go.

Do not engage with them.

And as you turn your focus on the breath, eventually you will notice how the mind calms down, too.

If you are not too familiar with yin yoga, there are plenty of videos for beginners on Youtube.

Sing the Sounds of the Chakras and Meditation

Something a bit different to get ready for bed is to sing the notes of the 7 chakras – also called Bija Mantras.

The chakras are vital energy centers of the body and each one is linked to different organs as well as to different emotional and mental states.

An imbalance or blockage here can also hinder you to relax and sleep well at night.

It’ll be too much to explain each chakra in this article. However, to give you an idea of what are indications that one or more chakras are out of balance here are a few examples: constantly feeling like having a lump in the throat,  having a lack of sexual drive, feeling lethargic, not feeling safe or constantly forgeting things, being easily irritated, etc.

It is scientifically proven that every organ vibrates at a different frequency. Interestingly enough the frequencies of the sounds of the chakras positively influence the frequency of the organs they are linked to and assist them to get back into balance.

Try it out and notice the effect is has on your body.

The notes starting from the Root Chakra going upwards until the Crown Chakra are: Lam – Vam – Ram – Yam – Ham – Sham – Om.

Sit in an upright position.

Take a few deep breaths in and out and turn inwards.

Connect with your body.

Once you are ready take a deep breath into the belly and let it expand as much as you can. When you exhale, open your mouth wide and sing the first note – Lam.

Stretch the “a” for as long as it is comfortable while exhaling and pull your belly in towards your spine.

With the next deep inhale, expand your belly again and sing the second note – Vam.

Keep going until you reach Om.

Repeat two more times.

Really focus on your breath and belly while singing and allow for the sounds to come out at an audible volume. You might notice that with each repetition your voice becomes louder and more confident.

You might even notice a tingling sensation in the various areas of your body correlating to each chakra note.

Once you have sung the notes you can add a short meditation to it, before heading to bed or continuing with your night routine.

You can also add to sing 3 times Aum or any mantra that you are familiar with.

Listen to your body what it asks for and whether it wishes to sing a bit more or rest in stillness.

Read an Inspiring Book

There are so many super inspiring and interesting books available right now that target different areas and modalities of self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Choose one that calls you the most and read a few pages each night before turning off the lights.

The time right before going to sleep the barrier between your consciousness and subconsciousness softens. Whatever you read then can directly enter into the subconsciousness and be anchored there.

This is why it is important to pay attention of what you focus on right before going to sleep.

Especially if you want to improve your sleep and life in general choose something inspiring and positive. 

Listen to Soothing Music

This is another great way to really calm your mind and body, to relax more deeply and then drift into a peaceful sleep.

It relates to what we spoke about before: our body and organs emit different frequencies that can get out of whack depending on how your day went.

There is a huge choice of sleeping music, sleep meditation or lullabies available online which you can purchase and then play offline while you fall asleep.

Have a selection of various songs available for you: music with nature sounds, harps, Tibetan singing bowls, binaural beats, etc.

Depending on the day you might prefer one song over another.

It can be 30min, 3 hours or even 9 hours long, depending on what your preference is.

Set it to a volume comfortable to you.

Remember you want to be able to fall asleep. So ideally put it on low.

While you lie now in bed, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and listen to the music.

Allow for your body to connect with it and really calm down.

Should thoughts come into your mind, observe them and let them go.

Do not engage with them and bring your focus back to the music and your breath.

And soon you will be drifting into a profound sleep. 

To Wrap It Up 

The above are only a few ideas for a beautiful calming night routine.

Choose 2-3 of them – definitely the first one of turning off your phone 😉 – and start doing them every night.

Be consistent.

And remember, you want to set up your body for a well-deserved rest during the night.

Do less instead of too much.

The entire day you are active and receive a huge amount of input and information – consciously and subconsciously – that your mind and body don’t have the time to process.

You want to activate your parasympathetic nervous system which signals to the body that it is safe to calm down.

Your heart rate and blood pressure sink.

Your breathing slows down and deepens.

And when you finally switch off the light, you can peacefully go to bed knowing that your body will now get its deserved rest during which it is detoxified, repaired and recharged for the next day.

Give it a try over a few nights.

Start short if you prefer. And observe what happens.

This night routine is a gift from you to yourself.

You deserve it.

And you know how great you feel after a night of good, deep and restful sleep.

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